Joseph Gordon-Levitt may be joining The Dark Knight Rises

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Deadline are reporting that the next actor in talks to join the cast of Christopher Nolan’s latest Batman film is none other than Joseph Gordon-Levitt. If he does get a part then he will be on set when production on the film begins this spring. I’d never seen the actor in anything until Inception, and I really enjoyed his part in that, so it can only mean good things if he ends up working with Nolan again in The Dark Knight Rises. The only question is, what would his role be?

Currently Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy are cast as Selina Kyle (Catwoman) and Bane respectively and Nolan has already ruled out The Riddler in this film. That still leaves a number of possibilities. At the moment, Dr.Hugo Strange seems to be the most obvious choice, given his interesting relationship with Batman and also the fact that as a character he fits well into Nolan’s more realistic Batverse. However the rogue gallery for Batman is huge and Black Mask, Hush, Mr.Freeze, Clayface, The Mad Hatter, Zsasz and The Penguin are just some other ideas. That being said, I don’t think Levitt could ever think of topping the performance of another actor who played Mr.Freeze. Also, there’s no guarantee he’ll play a villian. If we count Catwoman, we’d have 3 villians in the film, and we all know how good the last film that had that amount in it was. If we’re really speculating, he could even be Robin. It would certainly be Nolan’s toughest task as a filmmaker yet, making that character likeable.

Come on Batman nerds. I’m no connoisseur when it comes to this. Who do you think Levitt would be best as if he gets a part?

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