Jordan Peele’s Get Out is Probably the Best Indie-Horror in Many Years, and Here is Why

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IMG_0165IMG_0161Get Out (2017)
Written and Directed by Jordan Peele
Starring: Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, Bradley Whitford, and Catherine Keener
Run time: 103 minutes
Rated R

Jordan Peele may be known for his sketch comedy but there’s not too much funny about his directorial debut; a horror movie being touted as one of the best independent movies this year.

With a secret midnight premiere at Sundance, Jordan Peele’s Get Out sparked a buzz among horror fans. At the time of this writing, it holds a rare “100% Fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes. This is something that will undoubtedly change after its release, but that shouldn’t diminish the fact that this is a very good movie. One that (if you’re a horror fan) you should see in theaters without question.

According to Peele, Get Out was conceived from a conversation among friends during the 2007 democratic primaries, and was partially inspired by the 1972 movie The Stepford Wives. Both influences are apparent, but neither is overwhelmingly obvious. Peele’s definitely made his own, fairly unique movie.

I’m not the only critic singing the praises of this modern day thriller. So what makes this movie so great? For the sake of objectivity, I have to be honest about a few things. It might sound like I’m bashing on the film here for a bit, but I want to really emphasize that no part of this movie is bad. Some parts just aren’t as good as others.

Let’s start with the direction…it’s mediocre, acceptable, but nothing special. This is not so shocking considering it’s an indie flick and from a first time director. Not even the Masters of Horror’s first movies were perfectly directed. The cinematography has its shining moments, but it’s not why this movie has such high ratings. The acting? Negative—another mediocre aspect. I hate cutting this movie down, even a little, but I want viewers to go into this with realistic expectations. Expectations that wont lead to disappointment.

So what are we left with? What makes this movie so damn great? We have an artfully told story that’s socially relevant, enthralling, occasionally hilarious, and above all entertaining. Something that is completely uncommon, and absolutely refreshing for the average cinephile.

This movie is absolutely worth your money. “Get out” and go see it now!



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