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Jonathan Knight is a Buffoon

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Jonathan Knight hates sequels, confirmed for Brawl

Ok, let me come at you with a proposition. Say you’re the executive for a game developer and you have a hotly anticipated title coming out soon. By hotly anticipated game, we’re talking one that will easily sell millions of units for the distributor who has bought your IP.

This isn’t just speculation, the game will sell gangbusters. Wouldn’t you already be kicking the ball around in your mind that you should be developing some sort of sequel for said game? Well, Jonathan Knight of Visceral Games has dismissed such notions.

It might make some of you happy to know that they’re not planning a follow up for Dante’s Inferno, but in the sense of the gaming industry…ANY intellectual property that you fund that breaks even or greater, should immediately be considered sequel-worthy. Call me a red-blooded American capitalist, but anyone who would willingly walk away from a bucket-o-cash is a buffoon.

From the interview that Mr. Knight had with Industry Gamers, they asked him directly if he had any interest in doing a sequel. His reply:

“I’ve read the entire divine comedy and I’ve given it some thought, but there are no plans.”

He instead goes on to pimp the DLC that is going to be available probably right when the game comes out. Remember last week when we had a staff discussion on day-one DLC? He also says that the company’s next focus will be on a sequel to Dead Space…which I’d like to see happen.

I don’t think he can flatly say no to a sequel to Dante’s Inferno…cause I mean, he is doing a sequel to Dead Space. We’ll just have to put this into the category of “will probably happen”. Until then, at least enjoy the game that stole the hearts of the MWN staff who got to play it at PAX.

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