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So, I got this big package in the mail the other day from Discovery Channel. My almost 3 year old son was dancing, really stoked that we got something in the mail in a big box that needed to be opened. So, I got a knife, and cut the tape off the sides so the box could be opened. In it, was the box pictured above and on both sides some packing material that looked like hay. My son squealed, grabbed one of the bundles of hay, and ran off to his room. Soon after ducking into his door, he came running back out, nearly tripped over himself, grabbed the second bunch of ‘hay’ and booked it to his room. After my wife and I laughed in stunned silence, we looked in his room and he was feeding the hay to his stuffed animals. So Discovery Channel, first off, thanks for giving my sons animals something to eat. Second, thanks for the geekgasm when I opened the box.

So, the wooden box has a slide open top, the construction is pretty solid, I think I’ll try to peel the tag off and use this box for my survival gear. Inside, I found a windup radio/flashlight, a pack of dried survival food, a gas mask, a thumbdrive, and a small handwritten note. I read the note aloud to my wife, it was basically telling me about the viral outbreak, and how to hang tight in Ogden where I live, the personal touch was cool. My wife said I must be in dork heaven. I was.

The note referenced to check out the thumbdrive, which the only thing I could find of use on it was a video, basically the same video that you get on the Jointhecolony website. It looks like you need a facebook account to use it, basically it turns into a quasi type of facebook and has your friends/family talking about the viral outbreak and videos/articles posted by them. There are different levels of the stage of the viral outbreak, so as you get toward the fullout everyone is dieing, the posts are more frantic, and people are scared.

The best part for me was watching all the survival tips videos, as I think you should all at least do. The best one (on Pandemic) is the how to make beer 5 minute video. Thank you Discovery channel, I think this is something I’ll try before the Post Apoc hits! I kind of get the feel they were trying to create with the outbreak, it was funny to see some close friends panicking and being the complete opposite of what they normally are like. Like my mechanic friend who made a post about how he wish he had taken shop class in high school. He WAS shop class in high school. It’s a great little place for survival tips at the least, and if you like having that type of knowledge, I really, really suggest you give it a try!

Have fun, and get educated about surviving the apocalypse!

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