Alan Smithee

Johnny Storm is “Dead”

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Johnathan Hickman has been planning this for some time. About a year and a half ago, he scripted the event that takes place this week in Fantastic Four in which the human torch himself, gets extinguished.

The series will end with Fantastic Four #588 (which is nearly 50 years old in comic years) after Johnny Storm loses his life and his membership in the Fantastic Four, which will now become the Fantastic Three. I have to admit that I was never a huge fan of the FF books, but it is interesting that they were one of the first comics to have openly out superheroes that didn’t hide behind secret identities.

Knowing how Marvel and DC do things, he’ll be gone for a year or so until they decide that there’s enough clamoring for him to come back. One only needs to look at the pedigree of other superheroes to die off and subsequently return. I don’t think there’s a mainstream Marvel character to die off and NOT come back in one shape/form or another.

I won’t say I don’t care, but Johnny Storm was always my least favorite FF member after Sue Storm. At least now they won’t have to worry about grabbing the same actor who’s playing Captain America to play Johnny in any future Fox made Fantastic Four movies…which you know they’ll make.


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