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John Williams to Score Star Wars’ Next Episode

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Seems like a gimme really, but you never know with J.J. Abrams taking the lead.

There are some times that I feel doing news pieces for certain items make me want to smack my head against the wall with a huge feeling of DUH…I mean as if the guy who has scored every single iteration of Star Wars wouldn’t be the man behind the next episode’s soundtracks.

That’s not to say that this isn’t good news, I love John Williams’s music, and stranger things have happened in the past. I mean, the soundtrack for Final Fantasy XII wasn’t done by Nobuo Uematsu which surprised me, it just goes to show you can’t take anything for granted.

The news was confirmed by Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy at the latest Star Wars Celebration in Germany earlier this month when she announced to the crowd:

I had breakfast with someone very important to the Star Wars family last Friday, and he has committed to working on Episode VII. And that is Mr John Williams. Every time I hear John’s music, it just gives me the chills. It’s so important to the saga.”

I only hope that these newest episodes have at least one track up to snuff with “Duel of the Fates” from Episode I.

Quote and picture courtesy of NME

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