Jet City Comic Show: Getting Back to the Basics

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Maybe the most entertaining way to spend $8 on a Saturday!

JetCitySo what is Jet City Comic Show? Jet City doesn’t claim to be a comic con, cause it isn’t one, and that’s a good thing! Jet City is like a striped down comic con. There’s no D-list celebrities pushing over priced autographs, no overwhelming crowds, and a much easier browsing experience than typical cons. Sarah and I made several rounds through each table, effortlessly. We spent ample amounts of time looking at merchandise, art, and talking to great people. It truly was a great time. My only complaint is I don’t see why this can’t be a monthly event.

One thing I was sad I missed out on was the “Drink and Draw.” “Drink and Draw” is held the night before Jet City Comic Show at a local brewery and is meant to connect comic fans through beer and drawing.

If you’re in the Tacoma area next fall, you should definitely keep an eye out for Jet City Comic Show.

Some of the wonderful people we met:

Coleen Coover: Comic artist and writer famous for “Bandette,” and “Adventure Time: The Flip Side.”

Len Enders: Creator of The Toxik Idols (a web comic, and band), and all around great guy. Len gave us a copy of his CD “The Toxik Idols — Death Pop Electric” Keep an eye out for my review of the album coming soon!

Mark Monlux: Ok, so we know Mark. He’s at all the local cons, and a hoot to talk to. Read my review of his book here.



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