Jessica Cameron’s Truth or Dare: Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion

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Truth or Dare (2013)
Director: Jessica Cameron
Writer: Jessica Cameron & Jonathan Scott Higgins
Starring: Jessica Cameron, Ryan Kiser, Heather Dorff, Devanny Pinn, Jesse Wilson, Shelby Stehlin, and Brandon Van Vilet.

First off I have to say that looking at this movie unbiasedly was hard. I got to meet Jessica Cameron before viewing Truth or Dare at Crypticon Seattle. I also got to sit down and interview her after the screening. She is a very charming, charismatic, and smart woman. Alas, my dedication to providing honest reviews always comes first!

When I review movies I always take into consideration things like budget, resources, and experience. Truth or Dare is the essence of independent cinema. Jessica made the movie she wanted and poured her heart into it and it shows. While her movie had a micro budget she was able to quite effectively create a brutally scary movie strictly on the power of good story telling and the psychological aspects of gruesomeness she portrays on screen.

Truth or Dare is the story of a group of young adults dead set on becoming famous from salacious and quite fake viral videos of truth or dare games. Things turn for the worse when A crazed fan changes the rules of the game and makes it quite real, and very deadly.

While I found the truth portions of this movie more entertaining than the dare portions, I have to say both portions left me entertained. It was like watching a soap opera with gore, and I mean that in a good way.

Jessica tells me she’s working on a sequel to Truth or Dare and I’m excited to see where it goes. The possibilities of story lines are already keeping me up at night. If you get a chance to see this movie at conventions or festivals please do. It’s clear that Jessica has a bright future in front of her so you should definitely check this movie out so you can say I was a fan of her before she blew up.

The next screening of Truth or Dare:

Phoenix Comic Con: Phoenix, AZ. Phoenix, AZ Saturday, June 7th 9:30pm

Check for more dates here!

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