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Jaume Collet-Serra to Helm Akira?

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Just when we thought that the live-action version of the anime classic was dead, a new challenger appears.

You might be wondering just who Jaume Collet-Serra is and what has he done to get such an important project. I honestly have no clue why Warner Bros. Pictures wants this relative unknown (funny enough, the director of a movie called Uknown as well) to pick up the pieces when so many other people from directors to talent have decided to walk away from the movie.

There are some items in the plus category like Katsuhiro Otomo being attached as an executive producer along with producer Leonardo DiCaprio. The film is reportedly going to run the studio 90 million dollars to create so there will be great visual effects for sure…but there are just too many negatives for me to get excited for this film. Primarily my angst comes from the lack of an Asian cast featuring characters named Tetsuo and Kaneda. and that we’re going to get a white-washed story that takes place in Neo Manhattan instead of Neo Tokyo.

I just wish they’d stick a fork in it and call it dead.

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