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Jason Rohrer’s Latest Game to Hit Steam and Nintendo DS [UPDATE]

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Yes, you heard right. Jason Rohrer.

[UPDATE: The Steam announcement was not for Diamond Trust of London, but instead for his recently released recursive shooter, Inside a Star-Filled Sky. Thanks go to Charge Shot!!! for clarifying this detail.]

The creator of such awesome games as the life-to-death journey Passage and the two player storytelling Sleep is Death revealed in a recent interview with Charge Shot!!! that his on-again/off-again latest title Diamond Trust of London will finally see the light of day. The title was initially set to be released under publisher Majesco, but arguments between the two lead to Rohrer dropping the company. Diamond Trust of London will now be published by Zoo Games for a Nintendo DS release. A Steam release is also on the way.

While there is no set release date for either version as of yet, consider me excited.

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