Ryan Wilson

Japan May Be Onto Something with 3DS Packaging

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While congressmen and angry parents bitch about how they didn’t know that Super Blood Fart IX wasn’t appropriate for Little Timmy, Nintendo came up with a simple solution.

Change the box color

In a stroke of pure genius, Nintendo of Japan announced that they will be marking their upcoming 3DS titles intended for a mature audience with a black border, making them easier to distinguish from the white bordered friendlier titles. Splinter Cell 3DS, which is receive a Japanese release in March, will be the first title on the system to feature the black border. Nintendo Wii titles in Japan received a similar black border last year, when Nintendo of Japan made it mandatory for all mature titles to carry the additional labeling.

International publisher, take note of these actions. Unlike the giant pictures of cancerous lungs constantly being proposed for cigarette packaging, a change in packaging palette wouldn’t demonize the product. Sure, you may lose a few sales that may have gone directly to children, but at least you’re giving the stupid parents less ammunition for the impending lawsuit.

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