Alan Smithee

Japan is One Step Closer to G-Gundam

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First you need something to translate human movements to another body, then you need scale it up several orders of magnitude so it works on a giant mecha, then you need to put a giant boxing ring satellite system around Earth’s orbit. Only then will we learn how to truly wage war using nothing but our honor and our shining burning fingers.

I’ve actually been following this mad-scientist and his company appropriately named Cyberdyne for a good year or so ever since they first showed off the HAL exoskeletal augmentation unit…yeah, a company named after the company that helped create Skynet in the Terminator universe is making a product that is named after a serial-killing computer. Good choice guys.

Anyways, with all the jokes aside, I find the field of cybernetics and human augmentation fascinating. These people seem to be on the right track as far as helping people out goes, but it’s another story altogether when we (as in the U.S.) begin to weaponize this technology.

Oh wait, we have already.

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