Jane Weidlin’s Lady Robotika #1

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The pedigree on Jane Weidlin’s Lady Robotika #1 is more impressive than the actual comic book.

First, their is Jane Weidlin, the lead guitarist for the Go-Go’s and sometime actor.  Her co-creator, co-writer and penciler and inker for half of the first issue is Bill Morrison.  Mr. Morrison is a co-founder of Bongo Comics (and its current creative director) and the creator of Roswell, a Bongo comic that ran from 1996-1999.

There is no doubt, as you read the comic book, that Lady Robotika is Jane Wiedlin.  The main character has her name and background.  If you are a Jane Wiedlin fan, that should sell the book for you.

If not, you may want to skip this book.  There are a host of bad guys, including a dominatrix named E’Death, some random aliens with probes, and some lizard-like aliens from Herron IV–all unrelated as far as I could tell.  The story starts in media res, but the narrative never returns to that thread (and its whips) in this issue.  There is the last page cliff-hanger, which is given away on the cover.  There is also some humor that was not really to my taste–I think it might have been funnier if I was a big Jane Wiedlin fan.

It is a shame that the Go-Go’s farewell tour was canceled this summer due to Ms. Wiedlin damaging her knees.  They could have sold this comic at the tables with the T-shirts to the fans.  I think the average comic book reader is not going to know what this is.

Bottom Line:  $1.00/$3.50

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