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James Reviews: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? #13

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Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Number 13 continues the adapted work of the classic Philip K Dick novel, about the rogue-android hunter Rick Deckard. In this installment, Deckard finally asks the question of whether Phil Resch, the too-quick-to-violence bounty hunter, is actually an android. But will the truth be so easily accepted?

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep has is an interesting way of dealing with the extraneous amounts of written word from the novel, from it’s adaptation into graphic format. The dialog is exchanged normally, but the inter-monologue and story element of Dick’s writing, are essentially presented on the page as a super-narrative-voice. Almost like a narration, but not. Sometimes this voice is  providing introspective and sometimes it is reflective.

Regardless, the format was difficult at first, but became pretty intuitive once you understood where this other voice-box was coming from.

The story picks up about 2/3rds of the way through the novel (if memory serves me correctly) and is very well drawn. The character’s are straight and angular, with no lip movements. In this installment, the action was very minimal, so it was more of a story builder.

If  you enjoy the works of Philip K Dick, and would like to see them brought into a wonderful comic, then I recommend picking up Issue #13, along with all the other back issues.

Bottom Line: $3.99/$3.99

Teaser: The truth about the bounty hunter Phil Resch revealed! Is he an android? Only Rick Deckard can find the answer in this jaw-dropping issue of Philip K. Dick’s sci-fi masterpiece that inspired the film Blade Runner! Don’t miss the series that was named one of the Village Voice’s ‘Best Comics and Graphic Novels of 2009′! Covers by Brett Weldele and Scott Keating.

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