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Chew #17 – Review

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Imagine if you knew everything about something, just by tasting a single bite of it. The whole life history of an apple, the peril-less journey of a grape, the pain and suffering of a slaughtered cow, or even the murderer of a dead body. Tony Chu is a cibopath, a psychic who knows everything about a foods history, just from that one bit. Under the employment of the FDA, in a world where chicken is outlawed (thanks bird flu) Tony uses his powers to gain insight into all sorts of strange happenings.

Issue #17 picks up the story of Chu, as he is investigating a food-fight turned m scene at his daughter Olive’s high school. But things are not so easy, and when Peter Pilaf, a student at the school turns out to have his own amazing powers, the story goes from strange to stranger.

I started reading Chew back on issue 1. Although I fell out of it at the end of the first run (about episode 12) I really enjoyed the series. It was bizarre, maybe even more bizarre than I could describe. But while it was strange, it was also a lot of fun to read. #17 continues the story basically where I remember it being. There were a few issues that I missed, but I knew exactly what was happening.

STORY: 66%
ART: 75%

Chew is an easy comic to follow. It tends to have a slow release schedule or about once every few months, but if you can find the back issues and enjoy obscurity in the subject matter, than I recommend picking it up. It’s probably unlike anything you have read before.

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