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James’ Live Comments on The Walking Dead

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Yeah, it’s a little late. You’ll have to forgive me. When you have a young kid, who doesn’t want to go to sleep till like midnight on Halloween, watching shows might happen to fall to the next night.

Luckily, we have DVRs. The savior of the modern TV viewer.  Be warned, because this review is composed of live-comments, as I watched it. I am spoiling the living (pun!) hell out of the show. On to the review.


10:45 PM 11/1/2010 Start

10:45 PM 11/1/2010 Diesel? 2.99? when the hell is this supposed to be?

10:45 PM 11/1/2010 something uber creepy about a cabbage patch kid laying sprawled in the middle of a field.

10:46 PM 11/1/2010 hobo village of the dead?

10:47 PM 11/1/2010 NEVER look under a car. EVER.

10:47 PM 11/1/2010 bunny slippers of the damned.

10:47 PM 11/1/2010 that ain’t no little girl, dude…. IT’S evil

10:48 PM 11/1/2010 KILL IT KILL IT. Kill it with fire!

10:48 PM 11/1/2010 LOL. splat. already got my vote.

10:51 PM 11/1/2010 seriously? these guys are BS-ing about how their significant others can’t turn off the lights? Must be a slow day on duty.

10:52 PM 11/1/2010 ok, so his son’s name is Carl. Oh look, they now have something to do. Male Caucasians doing something naughty.

10:53 PM 11/1/2010 i love me a good spike strip.

10:54 PM 11/1/2010 NICE rollover.

10:55 PM 11/1/2010 Birds chirping, the gentle breeze, and bullets flying. Nothing like hickville in the mid morning.

10:56 PM 11/1/2010 what, seriously? you just assume that 2 guys are all that are in the car. Sure, lets start stripping off our bullet proof vest before the gun fight is over. Lori is gonna be pissed.

10:57 PM 11/1/2010 coma is a hell of a thing. So far, this is starting to feel a little like 28 days later. You know, the waking up in a hospital and all that.

10:59 PM 11/1/2010 why do they always try to yank their own needles out when they wake up in hospital.

11:01 PM 11/1/2010 mmm. tasty.

11:02 PM 11/1/2010 “Don’t open. Dead inside.” uhh. i would heed that warning.

11:02 PM 11/1/2010 Twas a stairway, dark and dreary.. some what cold, my match grew weary. Darkness wrapped me in it’s embrace. Exit sign, staring me in the face.

11:04 PM 11/1/2010 seriously. The similarities with 28 days later, are rather obvious.

11:05 PM 11/1/2010 body. body. body. body. eyeball. body. body. fly. body. body. foot. body body.

11:06 PM 11/1/2010 uh. wow. That’s a lot more bodies than i was expecting.

11:06 PM 11/1/2010 are zombies the new sparkling vampires? they seem rather vogue right now.

11:07 PM 11/1/2010 I like to ride my bicycle. HOLY SHIT. uhh. that is fucking disturbing. No, not the corpse. the dude in the hospital gown

11:08 PM 11/1/2010 Things to not do during the zombie apocalypse. Sit down and take a 5er on the front step.

11:11 PM 11/1/2010 SMACK.  OH SHIT. gray matter.

11:11 PM 11/1/2010 Commercial. Beer.

11:14 PM 11/1/2010 gotta say grace before eating, even during the zombie apocalypse

11:17 PM 11/1/2010 “walkers” those the geriatric zombies?

11:18 PM 11/1/2010 ok, that’s pretty damn disturbing. i don’t think they needed to explain that one any more.

11:22 PM 11/1/2010 uh, mental note… ZOMBIES KNOW HOW TO USE DOORKNOBS. everyone panic

11:22 PM 11/1/2010 Louisville slugger, FTMFW

11:24 PM 11/1/2010 lol. hot showers… i think i would be doing the same things

11:26 PM 11/1/2010 Commercial

11:27 PM 11/1/2010 DON”T GO BACK THERE. WTF. yeah, sure kid. go on, find your own private changing room. quite. secluded. You know shits gonna hit.

11:27 PM 11/1/2010 nevermind.

11:27 PM 11/1/2010 so what, they are staying behind to do target practice on the zombies?

11:29 PM 11/1/2010 is it still cop killing, if the cop is already dead? And a cop does the killing.

11:30 PM 11/1/2010 did they go back to their house? seriously? doom.

11:31 PM 11/1/2010 don’t do something stupid, dad. like.. i don’t know. getting all nostalgic, with a loaded gun?

11:34 PM 11/1/2010 oh shit. don’t think i could do this. just waiting for her to show up.

11:34 PM 11/1/2010 pop goes the zombie.

11:35 PM 11/1/2010 the introspective music is pretty intense.

11:37 PM 11/1/2010 Commercial

11:37 PM 11/1/2010 nice. so they are still alive.

11:38 PM 11/1/2010 best friend totally wants some of that.

11:40 PM 11/1/2010 oh snap. called that one. Must have been hitting it while pops was in a coma. Little cliche.

11:40 PM 11/1/2010 flies, are a dead give away for the presence of dead bodies. Uhh, was that feces on the wall?

11:42 PM 11/1/2010 LOL. zombie horse? or is he gonna try to siphon some gas from it?

11:43 PM 11/1/2010 nice. backpack full of guns, horse between my legs.. and miles of highway stretched out before me. I think the fact that the highway was completely empty the direction that I was heading, might be a give away as to what I should be expecting ahead.

11:45 PM 11/1/2010 is this atlanta or detroit?

11:46 PM 11/1/2010 ok. i like the horse. it knows what the fuck is up.

11:46 PM 11/1/2010 zombie birds?

11:47 PM 11/1/2010 it’s the zombie noah’s ark! or maybe a rabbit with huge sharp pointy teeth

11:47 PM 11/1/2010 ZOMBIE helicopters!

11:47 PM 11/1/2010 UHH. oh snap. F-ING” out of there. holy shit. uhh… bad idea, going to the city. Poor Horse

11:49 PM 11/1/2010 uhh, can zombies not crawl?

11:49 PM 11/1/2010 wall of zombie bodies.

11:49 PM 11/1/2010 uhh… that was rather lucky. Seriously, this dude needs a smaller gun. i think he missed the part about how they are attracted to sounds.

s11:51 PM 11/1/2010 apparently some are smarter than others. problem solvers. are there gonna be different types of zombies? the genius level? Mensa zombie?

11:51 PM 11/1/2010 why don’t you try driving the tank.

11:52 PM 11/1/2010 wtf? pseudo zombies? quasi zombie?

11:52 PM 11/1/2010 all that, and i feel more sorry for the horse, than for the cop.

11:53 PM 11/1/2010 ants. we are all just ants! so profound!

11:53 PM 11/1/2010 End.


ok. that was kinda fun. I like the zombies, and the motives. I just hope it doesn’t become a clif-hanger series.

Conclusion; there were a lot of things for me to make fun of, but that was actually pretty damn cool. The special effects were rather awesome, although the fake blood was a little too digital.  I am concerned about the overall cost of the makeup for this show. I mean, if they are having to dress up hundreds of actors per episode, are they going to be making a significant overhead cost that can’t really be recouped. Or is the omnipresence of the zombies something specific to this first episode, and subsequent episodes will have a much smaller extra-casting.

I often find it disturbing when a British actor, with a strong accent, can pull off a good Hick, southern accent. The characters are interesting, they didn’t really need too much development, but there seemed to be enough so far from the 4 or 5 characters shown. The Deputy; honorable, courageous. Looking for his family, so dedicated.  The father; religious, suffering. Protecting his son, because he couldn’t save his wife. The Son; holding on to what ever he can, be it his father, or his mother’s memory.

The format is definitely better in a 1 hour segment. 30 minutes would be too short, 2 hours much to long. This pilot episode, at 1.5 hours, was just right. Long enough to establish the series, but short enough to leave it hanging.

All in all, I will definitely be watching it again next week. Season pass, here we come.

Rating: season pass

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