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James Cameron’s Avatar – First Image

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avatar navi

Jesus, this movie is hard to pin down. There is only the screen from the movie itself that I can seem to find any evidence of. Sure, there’s the teaser trailer that you can find on almost any video sharing website, but finding something from the film has proved to be a daunting experience. However, I was lucky enough to stumble upon a picture that actually shows Sam Worthington’s character in the movie.

Warning, some plot is exposed after the jump. You’ve been warned.

avatar first picture

Sam Worthington’s character, Jake, is a paraplegic marine who arrives at planet Pandora and is given a chance to have his consciousness transferred to what they call an ‘avatar’ (essentially genetic copies of the human’s DNA combined with that of the indigenous species of the planet, the Na’vi). The movie mainly follows the exploits of Jake as he explores the planet alongside the native Na’vi, Naytiri (Zoe Saldana). Jake eventually finds himself falling for Naytiri and sees himself aligning with the Na’vi over the humans who are encroaching on the peaceful planet.

What you see in the picture above is Jake sitting in front of a statis tank that contains the avatar that he will eventually inhabit for the length of the film, where his disability will be permanently erased, as long as he remains within the avatar.

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