Ryan Wilson

James Cameron Hates Cheap 3D

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In a move that can only be described as “shitting where you eat”, James Cameron has dissed the very existence of Piranha 3D, saying it cheapens the medium and brings it back to it’s bad horror movie days of the 70s and 80s. He then proceeds to stroke his own ego, stating that the current 3D push is a renaissance quoting that both Disney and Martin Scorsese are making films using the medium. What this writer would like to point out is that the franchise that even got James Cameron noticed in the film industry was in fact the Piranha franchise, as he directed Piranha II: The Spawning after the original director left.

Like all new technologies (and I’m calling 3D new very loosely), it’s to be expected that the little guys without the huge budgets will want to ride the fad train as well (and see a chunk of those inflated ticket sales as well). If I’m paying more to see a film than I normally would, I personally would rather get the goofy gimmick effects than watch a bunch of blue cat creatures leaping through the forest for nearly 3 hours. In fact, bring back the whole William Castle style of gimmick film making: hide a buzzer under the seats, drop a skeleton on the audience, anything to get the audience involved in the film.

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