Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit — Is It Worth Your Money?

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Jack Ryan is back, and ready to make the Russians look bad once again!

Jack Ryan

In theaters January 17th, 2014

Kenneth Branagh not only directed Thor, he also directed and starred in Frankenstein. Now, he’s taken on one of the biggest characters ever.

Jack Ryan has been played by Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, and Ben Affleck. These are arguably some of the biggest names in Hollywood, and they all have delved into the same roll. I hope that says something to those of you reading this who might not know much about this character.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is a reboot of a series of films that have come out based on Tom Clancy’s books. We have The Hunt For Red October, Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger, and Sum of All Fears. The great thing about Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is that it doesn’t follow one of Clancey’s book. The script was penned by the very talented Hossein Amini most known for writing The Wings of the Dove, Drive, Snow White and the Huntsman, and 47 Ronin.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit was not without flaws, and I can’t say whether or not it was better than any of its predecessors. I will say, however, that this movie is a refreshing take on what I can only describe as a series of overrated, melodramas written by a blindly patriotic fear monger.

Chris Pine is stellar in his performance as the aforementioned title character, as well is director Kenneth Branagh as the bad ass villain Viktor Cherevin. Other performances of note are Kevin Costner, and Kira Knightly, who manage to shine among an already outstanding cast.

My few complaints of this film are very minor. I felt that there was some inconsistency in the character that Kevin Costner plays, William Harper. This is strictly from a writing standpoint, as I have no complaints about Costners acting. I simply felt Harper should have strictly been a mentor, and should have spent less time in action.

Another complaint would be about the pacing. I know that this is a high paced action movie, but I felt that they simply tried to jam a 2 hour movie into a meager 105 minutes. Yes, we’re only talking about another 15 minutes here, but those 15 minutes could have smoothed out the film quite a bit.

Overall this movie was fun and entertaining. In my book, that totally makes it worth your money. If you’re looking to have a night out, I think this movie is totally worth it.

Rating 7 out of 10

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