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Jack and The Giant Killer – Spy Shots

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For anyone wonder what our generation’s Obi-Wan Kenobi has been up to recently, he’s been busy working alongside Bryan Singer (of X-Men infamy) and Eddie Marsen in making Jack and The Giant Killer.

The movie isn’t slated for release until sometime next year, but promises to be a ‘modern day’ fariy tale about a war between humans and giants. Oh and there’s supposed to be a princess as well, don’t we just love our princess movies?

Also starring in the film is our soon-to-be Beast from X-Men: First class who will be playing a farmer who is lovestruck for said princess and jaunts off to rescue her (presumably) from the giants. I personally think that our McGregor is looking a bit too much like Eddie Izzard with the hairstyle and facial hair myself. Eh, should be interesting to watch. I’m glad that Hollywood hasn’t completely given up on original ideas.

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