Alan Smithee

J.K. Rowling Needs To Come Correct

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Good ol’ Just Kidding Rowling who is more rich than I can ever hope to become leaves a crack open into the door that closes off the realm of there possibly being more Harry Potter books in the future…which I think isn’t such a bad thing, really.

On Oprah (yes we’re reporting a story that comes from Oprah) recently she began to show the chinks in her armor, sorry…armour by saying that she won’t say ‘never’ to more books.

I just want the people who make all of these mega-popular pop culture items to tell the truth for once when it comes to whether they’re going to continue their story where it left off instead of saying that “it is done”. JK, please just come out and say that there will be more books coming out in the future, look at how it benefited ol’ Turkey-Neck himself (George Lucas).

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