J.K Rowling Announces Pottermore, Fans Wet Themselves

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In-case you didn’t know, Harry Potter is only available in physical format (a.ka books). If you’ve been itching for a digital version of Mr. Potter then Pottermore is here, and it’s ready to whisk you away into a dreamworld of magic.

J.K Rowling, the author of the widly famous Harry Potter series of books, has announced earlier today that everybody’s favorite boy wizard is going to hit your digital devices this fall.

Via a new website named Pottermore, to be launched this October, fans will now have a portal they can come and experience the series in a whole new way. Said to be built around the fans, this seems like a website like we’ve never seen before. Years in the making Pottermore will be the only place where fans can share their ideas, thoughts, and questions about the world of Harry Potter and best of all is that author J.K Rowling will also be present on the site.

When it comes to E-Books and Digital Audiobooks, this will be the only place they will be available, while this a money grab or something else is yet to be seen, but it’s interesting that those who wish to purchase these digital items will only have once place to get them.

Rowling has also announced that while the site doesn’t officially launch until October. There will be a contest to be announced July 31st(same day as Harry’s birthday) that will allow a handful of people to see the site early, and offer feedback to further enhance the website.

If that’s not awesome enough, it has also been said that J.K Rowling will reveal new info about the Harry Potter universe, roughly 18,000 words worth.

While I’m not a huge fan of Harry Potter this seems like a great way to get the fanbase which is probably scattered all over the internet to come together in once place and geek out. [Pottermore]

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