Ryan Thomason

J.J. Abrams’s Alcatraz in Trouble, Lets Hope Hurley Saves the Day

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Is Hurley even our site mascot anymore now that nobody is Hungy?

Regardless, here is the latest scoop on the show.

J.J.’s mystery sci-fi show has reportedly changed showrunners, with original head Elizabeth Sarnoff stepping down over alleged creative differences. What differences and all those things called details we don’t know about.

She’s reportedly being replaced by Lost alum and Chase creator Jennifer Johnson and Daniel Pyne, the writer of the movie Fracture who worked back in the eighties on Miami Vice. Wait, 1980’s Miami Vice? Now I’m not so sure.

This was reportedly part of the recent decision to halt production and do reshoots on the first seven episodes.

So…yeah, this movie is in deep doodoo, hopefully they can get everything figured out so that we can not get some other half baked show that just gets cancelled too early.


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