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J. Edgar – Movie Review

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I was really, really excited to see this movie, my +1 to the pre-screening and I were talking about all the potential that J. Edgar Hoover presented for a movie. Did it deliver?

Let me ask you something, did you enjoy reading History books on J. Edgar Hoover? Yes? Well, so did I, and I found this movie rather dull. There is one thing that (Director) Clint Eastwood and Leonardo Dicaprio hammered at us, over and over again. Hoover was a paranoid as hell dude, crazy paranoid. He’d keep a secret file on anybody, even beloved Women’s Icon Elenore Friggin Roosevelt. Then, he had no problem blackmailing people to get what he wanted, but if you’re a history buff too, you already knew that.

On the film, Dicaprio did a great job playing the part of J. Edgar Hoover, and Armie Hammer as FBI Heir apparent Clyde Tolson were both great to watch on screen. Jeffrey Donovan as Robert F. Kennedy was also someone that stood out for me.

Aside from that though, J. Edgar just didn’t do it for me. Yes, he was paranoid as hell, and did everything he could to protect his bureau that he cherished so much. The story focused on his near end of his career/life where he’s having a history of how the FBI was started written by a new person every time. (more paranoia). The scenes of the part mostly surround the Lindbergh baby case, and loosely other things around that time period. It felt disjointed in a way to me and kept me from focusing, however heavy brow beating of “Hoover was really really really really….really Paranoid” and a asshole. Oh and he had Severe Mommy issues, who was also a dick. The movie did play into the unconfirmed musings that Hoover was gay (nobody really knows for sure). The scene were his mother was reminding him about a boy he grew up with that everyone called ‘Daffy’ because of how he acted, was teased to the point of killing himself for who he was. She then told him Daffy was short for Daffodil and she’d rather that Hoover kill himself than ever be a Daffodil. So too bad the first thing he does after she finally dies is put on her clothes and jewelery, falling to the ground crying.

Yeah, it’s that Heavy.

If you’re a HUGE history nerd, and can get past the thick wall that this movie presents itself as, you somehow think you can get past the wall and into the inner goods that is J. Edgar, by all means go for it. The movie will probably get a pile of Oscar Awards. I’m sure all the artist stuff that goes into movies was good, but I’m not one of those guys who pays attention to the score, or cinematography, lighting, I want to just be entertained. If you want to wait for the rentals, I’d say that is squarely what this movie should be watched as something you can take your time to go through.

You Communist Radical.

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