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J-Blow is an Opinionated Ass

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Which leads me to believe he’d fit in here just nicely at MWN…that is if it weren’t for all the interviews that I listened to that make the title line ring home. Serously guys, from what I’ve heard, the dude’s got a cleft-asshole that would make the Virgin Mary blush. I’ve heard the crosses he’s put himself on and I’m not a fan.

You see, the creator of Braid, Jonathan Blow, is one of THOSE kind of game developers that think that everything that they do and touch has to be high art, to the point where it becomes a detriment to themselves.

He proved even harder today that me and him would probably not get along so well, and I’ll tell you why. BlowJ has recently posted a job looking for a ‘3D environment concept artist’, innocent enough I know, but this is what blew my mind. He states that the artist’s portfolio should be absent of the following items:

  • Girls With Big Tits
  • Barbarians Wielding Axes Covered in Blood
  • Aliens
  • Space Ships
  • Getting Shot in the Face
  • Orcs
  • Giant Robots
  • Postapocalyptic Wastelands

First point of order, I suggest that Mr. Blow’s man-card be officially revoked. Second, he shall be banished from the order of geekdom for ‘hating’ on some of our favorite genres. Finally, what kind of pompous ass has to exclude artists from working with him over some stupid artsy-fartsy bias? What does it matter if the artist worked on any of the items listed above? Does that somehow make them less than able to do whatever project that you want to do? Art is subjective, not an objective. Remember that next time you spout off with how you don’t want someone to work with you on a project.

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