I’ve gotta see this – Earth’s Mightiest Heroes: The Avengers

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So Spectacular Spider-Man is gone off the air, and batman brave and the bold too… huh… Yea… WHO CARES THIS IS AWESOME!!!

The newest in the long line of excellent Marvel universe cartoons shall bring together the greatest of the marvel heroes for a battle none of them can face alone, a weekly television series!!!

I cannot tell you how pleased I have been over the years with marvel animated series. I grew up watching and loving both the X-men, and Spider-man series on tv, and let me tell you, they were awesome. As the years have gone by I don’t watch the shows regularly anymore, but I have been pleased with the random episode I have seen here or there.

Heck, even the Chibi Super Hero Squad show, has its merit. I mean it has story lines involving both the Infinity gauntlet and sword. Rather obscure heroes, and villains like MODOK, and Ms. Marvel, really its quite good when you get past some of the voice acting.

Of course Marvel isn’t one to disappoint. They have released several trailers so far, and this is my favorite.

The lineup of heroes looks pretty standard for the Avengers featuring Iron man as leader (lol wut?), Hulk, Hawkeye, Antman/Giantman, Wasp, Black Panther (EPIC), and the always delayed premiere of Captain America.

One has to wonder if either Spider-man or the X-men will make appearances or if they will be avoided as to avoid confusion for kids about their absence from the movie universe. However since Super hero Squad has included them, its hard to say at this point.

The point is Marvel rarely messes up a tv series, and I’m really excited, even though it will probably be short lived. It probably won’t even make it to the Movie in 2012, but hey it should be good as long as we got it.

The Avengers assemble on your television October 22 on Disney XD, and Disney XD.com

*Ms. Marvel is awesome, and not Jean Grey. You should check out her book it’s really cool.
*I know it’s a different universe, but I still don’t forgive Iron man for Civil War.
*I’m loving the theme song, if only for the Avengers Assemble part.
*yay sounds like Mae Whitman as Wasp…

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