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I’ve Become One of THOSE People…

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As I was doing some heavy thinking this weekend, you know the kind of heavy thinking that takes 30 minutes and allows you to read a few chapters of a book or get the high score in Tetris, and I realized that my brand of retro-snobbery is akin to the same cleft-assholed guys that prefer to hear things on vinyl instead of mp3 or CD.

What got me thinking about this comparison is the pipe-dream that I’ve always had about opening a game store. Most of the stock of this imaginary game store would consist of big ticket retro games from the 16-bit era such as Final Fantasy III, Secret of Mana, and Chrono Trigger.


I had to laugh a bit because I realized how rediculous my dream was…because all three of these games are available to the current generation of gamers on different platforms. Final Fantasy III came out on the GameBoy Advance, Secret of Mana was brought out on the Wii’s Virtual Console, and Chrono Trigger is now on the DS.

Besides having my pipe-dream crushed, I then realized how much of a retro-purist I am, in so far that I won’t play any re-released retro game unless it’s played on it’s original console. Lucky for me, I’ve kept them all, and in good working order too. I just wonder how I let myself become one of THOSE kind of people.

Then again I do have a healthy appreciation for vinyl too…my god…I’m my own worst enemy!

I don’t know, I would try most of these games again, but what’s the point, I already have all of them in my collection. Maybe it’s this…when I plug in the older technology and have the wired controller in my hands with plastic that has been worn smooth from years of playing on them, I am magically transformed into the 11 year old kid who got his SNES for Xmas with The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

There’s just some disconnect for me when I play a classic game on a newer console. It’s like playing Contra in XBLA isn’t as great as playing it in the arcade or on the NES. It’s not bad, but doesn’t stir the old emotions that drive me back to retro gaming every year.

I guess that one day, I’ll have to quit my picky ways and embrace the newer methods of music listening and game playing, but until my old consoles break, I’ll keep playing all of my favorites there.

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