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It’s That Time of Year, Monsters and Scary Stuff [Update]

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The fall is beginning, and everyone is looking forward to that time where you just generally try to scare the crap out of people because well, you CAN. Travel Channel is doing their part to help.

How are they doing that? Well getting an email from them helped get things started for me and after getting some more information I’ve already set my DVR. “Making Monsters” premiering on Sunday, October 2 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT. Will be a four-part one-hour series introduces viewers to the innovators and masterminds of the monster and creature animatronics industry.

Mostly, I’m just curious as hell to see how people work on these kinds of things. With CG taking over nearly every aspect of what I think people visually see in movies and TV I kind of miss animatronics. For some reason CG kind of puts me out and I find myself not being as engaged that with what these guys can create today.

Here is how the first episode is going to play out, if you’re a fan of this kind of stuff, you’ll be watching with me:

Viewers meet Ed and Marsha Edmunds, co-owners of Distortions Unlimited, the Mom and Pop monster making shop located in downtown Greeley, Colo., and Jordu Schell, a monster-making veteran from Hollywood. Ed and Marsha have led the charge of the animatronics business for the last 30 years. Their unusual animatronics, monster creations, and haunted house designs are mainstays of the dark amusement industry. Jordu is Ed’s right-hand man, bringing Ed’s twisted creations to life. Based in Los Angeles, he is a renowned sculptor, best known for his work on James Cameron’s Avatar.

From 8-foot Godzilla-like moving monsters and green-gook spitting aliens to guffawing Santa Clauses, their creative and lifelike animatronics populate the country’s most popular haunted houses, amusement rides, parties, and private events.

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