It’s Not Armageddon, It’s Carmageddon

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UPDATE: The new Carmageddon game is actually an independent project from an unspecified developer, and will not have any involvement from Square Enix Europe. VG247 has learned that all rights to the IP have been negotiated out of Square Enix’s hands and that the website that has popped up has nothing to do with them. It also won’t make any appearance at E3.

ORIGINAL: A website with the URL has just popped up and is registered to Square Enix Europe. It looks like a new Carmageddon game is about to be unveiled. Like any countdown, it doesn’t give anything away, but the countdown is currently 9 days and 21 hours away from completion, which would put a reveal at June 1st, which is just less than a week before E3 is due to begin.

The Carmageddon series began in 1997, but hasn’t seen since 2000’s Carmageddon TDR 2000. It was a vehicle combat game which for the time, was one of the most violent and controversial games around. Racers had a certain time to complete each event, but could gain more time by damaging other cars or running over pedestrians. Because of this, the first game was censored over here in the UK and it took 10 months for the BBFC to greenlight the original version. The publisher of the games was SCI Entertainment, who later bought Eidos but were then bought by Square Enix. The Carmageddon series was new for its time but it’s been 11 years, and we’ve seen a whole plethora of vehicle combat games since then. It’ll be hard for the series to make as much of an impact as it did in 1997, that’s for sure.

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