Ryan Thomason

It’s About Time You Read Something Scary, like Cinema of Shadows

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Come on, it’s that time of year, and if I’M doing it, you should be too, because I’m a huuuuge wuss when it comes to scary stuff.

We’ve already talked to the author of this book and then, with grand gusto, I started reading Cinema of Shadows got “sidetracked” and just recently steeled myself to just read the whole damn thing. Which I’m going to keep spoiler free, because I think this book is really worth the read, even if you don’t like Horror stuff.

I loved the characters, the setting, and yes, even the baddies. Mr. West told us of his love for the horror genre and damn does he shine. If I can read this book and love it, anybody can, because it’s good. When at one point I was asked why I was visibly squirming in my chair you know he’s doing something right!

And maybe I stole my kids nightlight and plugged it into my side of the bed to get through the first couple of nights. Maybe.

I suggest you buy this through the publisher directly, since you get some fun extra goodies for doing so.

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