James Helsby

First look at Cavill as Superman, IN COSTUME.. .It still isn’t right

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Yesterday, some shots of Henry Cavill walking around sporting the Clarke Kent tell tail hair curl, were put up. Today, is the first shots of Cavill in Superman Garb. Still seems wrong.

I mentioned yesterday, that there was something wrong with his presentation, that just didn’t say ‘Superman’ to me.

Today, I still agree with that, with the added benefit of fake muscles.

Zach Snyder (300, Watchmen, Suckerpunch) has a way of making dark films seem vibrant. And judging by this one single image, he will be doing it yet again with Superman. His style leans heavily on desaturated film, with heavy post production. In general, I wouldn’t say that there is something inherintly wrong with that style, but judging by this first shot from the Superman reboot, I am still developing my reservations.

What I will say is that Snyder will be leaning heavily on the early histories of Superman, but somehow mixing it with modern day. Think Tim Burton Batman, driving around in Studibakers but still having color TVs.

Still, the fake muscles give me pause. Just looking at the images makes it feel fake. Over done. And I don’t know if that is what Superman needs right now.


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