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It Came from Obscurity – They Came from Verminest

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Classic 1980’s arcade game made modern.

They Came from Verminest
Developer: Locomalito
Music: Gryzor87
Download original version
Download Verminest ’83

I won’t lie, this is far from my first experience with the works of Locomalito. That distinction goes to the excellent Hydorah, a refreshing back-to-basics take on side-scrolling shmups. With They Came from Verminest, Locomalito tackles the world of vertical-scrollers, taking heavily influence from the likes of Galaga and Centipede.

If you’re accustomed to more of a bullet hell style of shooter, then you are going to blast through They Came from Verminest in no time. Luckily, I can’t maneuver through a field of bullets worth a damn, so I found the difficulty just right for my current skill level. That’s not to say that Verminest doesn’t get difficult, but don’t expect to be ripping out clumps of hair.

As you may have noticed, They Came from Verminest comes in two flavors, classic and Verminest ’83. Classic Verminest plays in black-and-white with quite an impressive level of pixelated detail, and has an option to be played with an additional film filter (complete with grain and imperfections) or in anaglyphic 3D (the classic red-and-blue glasses). Verminest ’83, however, sacrifices some of its detail for a Galaga-era color scheme. Which version you should play is simply a matter of taste, as both version play identically.

They Came from Verminest is the kind of game that begs to be played in a hobbyist’s arcade cabinet. However, since not all of us have thousands of dollars in equipment lying around, you’ll still have one hell of an enjoyable time on even a low-end computer.


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