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It Came from Obscurity – Space Funeral

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To call Space Funeral a JRPG-style indie game would do it a great disservice. Guerilla-RPG is more like it.

In Space Funeral, you take control of Phillip, a lamenting bruiser with an affinity for pajamas and pointy objects, on his quest for purpose. Along the way, he meets up with the decapitated Leg Horse, who only wishes to return to his original form. The rest of the story…I’ll leave for you to discover for yourself.

For an RPG, Space Funeral is very short; overall about an hour experience. What it doesn’t have in length, however, it makes up tenfold with personality. Gameplay-wise, Space Funeral plays very similarly to the active battle system of Final Fantasy, with options to attack normally, use special skills, use items, flee like a coward, or try a mystery action. As tempting as it will be to annihilate every enemy by spamming attacks, I suggest using the mystery once every battle. Developer thecatamites, slipped a lot of hilarious content and effects on this option alone. Besides, none of the enemies are going to kick your ass if you use basic strategy.

If you like your games full of mindfuckery, ugly graphics, unlicensed cartoon characters, and tons of blood, then you can’t go wrong with Space Funeral.

Judge for yourself: Space Funeral

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