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It Came from Obscurity – Papers, Please

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Will you disobey your emotions or the government?
Will you disobey your emotions or the government? This is the question you’ll be asking yourself as you play Paper, Please, which creator Lucas Pope calls a “Dystopian Document Thriller”. As an immigration inspector for the glorious state of Arstotzka, you must uphold the government’s ever-changing strict guidelines on who can and cannot enter. Along the way, you’ll be checking all the required immigration forms for discrepancies, turning down (or, in extreme cases, detaining) people for even the smallest error in paperwork. Be very careful, as slipups will result in cuts in your meager “12 hour workday” paycheck, not to mention the risk of putting the country in danger from terrorists and spies.

Paper, Please is no meager “spot the error” game with a communism theme. Prepare to have your heartstrings tugged at as you’re forced to detain an old married woman because her husband accidentally took one of her forms with him through the checkpoint, or when you learn that by following protocol, you’ve doomed someone to a life of sex slavery. You’ve got to feed your family, right?

The beta release of Papers, Please is available for free on PC and Mac platforms on the developer’s website. Though this is a beta, I have yet to notice any game breaking bugs. Just be warned that the endgame has not been completed yet, and the game will end rather abruptly.

Lucas Pope has also given players a chance to be included in the final game as an immigrant. Just fill out the provided form and come up with your best Slavic-sounding name, and you may make an appearance in the final version.

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