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It Came From Obscurity: Chase Goose

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Wow, it’s really been a year since I last brought back this feature, but this is a reboot guaranteed not to disappoint. For those not familiar with this feature, It Came from Obscurity is a (hopefully) regular feature where I bring you down the media roads less traveled to bring them the recognition they deserve. Today I’m bringing you a game I love to hate, Chase Goose.

Chase Goose is more than your standard run and jump game (sorry, Robot Unicorn Attack, besides the art and music, you’re basically Canabalt). In Chase Goose, running isn’t automatic, you must button mash back and forth Track and Field style. The jump button has seen an overhaul as well, as jumping isn’t mapped down to just one button. Then, once you get comfortable with that, they’ll start asking you to hold down keys the whole time, turning your experience into a sadistic finger Twister.

Yet, despite how frustratingly difficult this game gets, I can’t stop playing it. The art work is completely absurd, especially with the constantly pursuing enemy. This game is definitely not work safe, unless you work at a job where fast and loud typing is equivalent to productivity.

Chase Goose can be played HERE (but I suggest you keep a spare keyboard around)

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