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It Came from Obscurity: Broken Dimensions

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This game is twisted…in more ways than one.

I ran into Broken Dimensions completely on accident. Upon attempting to register my activation keys on Desura for the latest Humble Bundle, I sneezed and accidentally clicked on the download link for this game. I’m glad I did, because it turned out to be a fun, albeit short, experience.

Broken Dimensions is the result of a 5-week challenge by the Danish Academy of Digital Interactive Entertainment, where twelve to fifteen Danish students must take specialized roles to create and complete a video game for graduation. Despite its short development time, the amount of polish and care put into this game is astonishing. I can only imagine what they could have accomplished in double that time!

You play as Theodor, a young child in a chicken costume who finds himself trapped inside a dark pyramid. His only hope for escape rests in the pyramid’s sole inhabitant, a mysterious woman who reveals to him that he has the power to shift the world around him. This ability leads way to some very clever puzzles and the truth behind his entrapment.

Broken Dimensions is available for both PC and Mac, and can downloaded either via the official website or Desura. A web browser version is available as well on the official website, though playing this way requires the Unity Web Player plugin. The game can be completed in less than an hour, so check it out on your lunch break!

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