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It Came from Japan – Sweet Blue Flowers

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Sweet Blue Flowers [Lucky Penny Entertainment]Let’s just say that I wasn’t the target audience.

Sweet Blue Flowers (Aoi Hana)

Director: Ken’ichi Kasai
Animation Production: J.C. Staff
Publisher: Lucky Penny Entertainment
Price: $39.99

Given the focus on high school romance between students of two all-girls academies in Japan, I’ve seen this show dismissed throughout as a “lesbian anime”. However, having watched the series in its entirety, classifying the series under the broad spectrum of yuri would do the series a great injustice.

Sweet Blue Flowers is the story of high school love, life, and loss through the eyes of two reacquainted childhood friends, Fumi and Akira. Akira still sees Fumi as the tall, shy but emotional girl she swore to protect 10 years ago, she is taken by surprise when her best friend comes out to her. While she doesn’t quite know how to feel about this confession, she tries her best to be as supportive as possible as Fumi explores her newly awakened sexuality, discovering her own along the way.

Where Sweet Blue Flowers succeeds is in how believable the entire story is. This is not a story to go into expecting a heavily dramatized adventure into homoeroticism. This is teenaged love at its purest form; innocent, yet obsessive attempts to get the “love of your life” to not only notice you, but not to make a complete fool of yourself around them.

That being said, when I completed Sweet Blue Flowers, I wasn’t left wanting more. Even at a condensed 11 episodes, the series is as barebones as the DVDs it was printed on. Realism doesn’t always make for the most compelling television watching experience, and Sweet Blue Flowers is no exception. While our characters do grow and learn throughout the series, this is made completely underwhelming by the series’ sluggish pace.

In spite of all its faults, Sweet Blue Flowers is a light-hearted romance that won’t leave you questioning its characters’ sanity throughout. Just be sure to spread your viewings over a few days if you want to stay awake enough to enjoy it.



Lucky Penny Entertainment has graciously provided Sweet Blue Flowers in its entirety on YouTube. The playlist can be found here.

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