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It Came from Japan – Hyakko

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HyakkoA grade school comedy with average marks.


Director: Michio Fukuda
Animation Production: Nippon Animation
Publisher: Lucky Penny Entertainment
Price: $39.99 (DVD)

Reviewer was provided a DVD review copy by Right Stuf

Hyakko is the misadventures of four private school girls as they try to survive their freshman year. Each girl has their own unique personalities: Torako is a troublemaker who never travels the beaten path, Tatsuki is the over-privileged daughter of a corporate president, Suzume has the appetite of a sumo wrestler, and Ayumi is shy, yet very popular with the teenage boys (keep in mind what’s popular in the mind of a pubescent boy).

The humor in Hyakko might not be quite at the level of the schoolyard comedy of Nichijou (My Ordinary Life) or Azumanga Daioh, but you’ll should still find yourself entertained. The series rarely treads new grounds, having most of its jokes center around extreme overreaction and perverted intentions; common plot devices in slice-of-life comedy animes.

If this is your first romp in the realm of slice-of-life animes, you could do much, much worse than Hyakko. For the rest of you, the series should peak your interest, but don’t expect something memorable. If you’re still on the fence, Lucky Penny Entertainment has graciously put the first two episodes on YouTube for free. The debut episode can be found below:


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