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iSec Revealed

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If you didn’t know already, China is essentially cut off from the world of console gaming. Sure, they have their traditional knockoffs that mimic the actual systems they wish they could own…but for the most part consoles in China are nonexistent…until recently at least.

It’s true, China does not get much of anything from Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft in the way of game consoles (handhelds and loopholes exist but not the actual consoles). So what’s a country to do? I’ll tell you, they get one of their biggest computer manufacturers to make a home grown console.

Meet the iSec, who used to go by the name eBox a year ago. This console is going to be created by Eedoo Technology, an offshoot of Lenovo (you probably have used their products at one time) and will be the country’s first foray into true console gaming since the ban in 2000.

Internationally, we can’t expect much of anything until the console sells at least 1 million units in China alone…but the interesting bit here is that there are already developers worldwide who are creating software for the new system.

The actual hardware for the iSec will focus on user interaction much like the Microsoft Kinect. There are already launch games lined up that focus on getting tubby Chinese gamers and bored housewives off their butts (read that as exercise centric) and I know this will clench it for most of us WPR folk, the console will double as a KARAOKE MACHINE!

The price is still unknown, but in my opinion…if they want to break into the international console gaming racket, they need to come up with something better than motion control. They’d need to make it unique and offer their games at a deep discount with limited Engrish in order to make a name for themselves.

Personally I like the thought of there being a China only console especially since their country’s population alone would beat out Europe, Japan and America combined considering they own 20% of the Earth’s population (yes, ⅕ people on Earth live in China). They wouldn’t really need it to be opened up internationally and they could stick their tongues out at the rest of the world while remaining insulated and with them being the only console on the market, they’d make a KILLING at it.

However, they’re already huge into PC gaming so it’s questionable if you really would need a console market in a country that’s heavily PC. What do you all think, is this a good idea or bad idea?

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