Alan Smithee

Is This Our New FemShep?

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Are you tired of the stale looks of the current batch of female models that you can choose from in Mass Effect? Does your current FemShep need a makeover? Do you feel the need to fap to something else than a Captain Janeway lookalike? Well then, BioWare wants YOU to vote for the next model that will be available in Mass Effect 3. And they’re doing it through Facebook.

The voting has been ongoing for quite some time now, and it seems that the Shepard that I’ve attached to this post is the clear fan favorite right now as it sits on a comfy 10k likes more than any of it’s closes competition. There are others you could vote for through THIS LINK, but why ruin a sure bet with our sexy new blonde model?

I think she looks pretty damn good as a blonde but at the same time I’m torn because I really enjoy the older model of the character as well (which will still be available in the new game mind you). There’s something about my FemShep beating the hell out of a reporter and macking on that sweet Asari ass that seems so right.

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