James Helsby

Is Superman going to be in 3d? Or is he just happy to see you?

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In, perhaps my most phallus related post to date, it’s rather hard to not mention just how engorging this new Superman movie is starting to look. It will probably be a stiff competition at the box office next year when it is finally released. Penis.

Sorry about that.

Photos of Henry Cavill on the set of the new Zach Snyder superman, in full costume, surfaced today. And let’s just say that the new costume, is more than flattering. So much so, that it almost seems like someone has come through with an air-brush, or perhaps SOCK to increase the appeal to the female demographic.

The new costume, is totally confusing me. For one, it just doesn’t seem right, as we have already discussed. Secondly, it’s pretty darn hard to express arm-veins, through clothing, especially tight clothing, which means that this costume is almost certainly largely prosthetic. That said, the bulge that is protruding in the crotchal region is, well, let’s not beat around the bush here… Huge.

Almost laughably so. Perhaps that is jealously, perhaps not. I lean towards not…. But it definately seems like the costume director wanted to emphasize certain aspects of Superman’s phisic, and well, it seems like that was accomplished. (Realistically, it is probably just that for ‘insurance’ purposes, Cavill is required to wear a super-cup to protect his manhood.)

Ok. enough. I need to go look at boobs now.


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