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Is Japan Showing Us a Repeat of 1983?

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I’m guessing that a good portion of the people who read this site don’t remember the ‘great video game crash of 1983’ that happened when I was but a child myself. Well, it was pretty fucking awful for everyone involved and it mainly had to do with too many similar consoles, personal computers, and mediocre software all culminating into a perfect storm that nearly killed our beloved past-time for good.

Fast-forward 26 years to 2009.

Right now in Japan, the gaming market is doing horrible when you compare it to last year’s data…a drop of almost 25% signifies a pretty drastic drop in the market, which we won’t feel here in America for some time (hopefully not at all). The 25% is an average based on the 28% drop in harware sales and a 22% drop in software.

This might not mean much to us gamers here in America and Europe, but one thing we’ve seen in history is that drops in specific industries like this happen sequentially, this one just happens to be starting in Japan. If Japan’s game industry is taking a beating right now, you can assume that eventually we might have to take a hit ourselves. I just hope this isn’t a precursor to a great crash of 2010.

I guess the only thing that any of us can do to make sure that we don’t take a hit is to buy new, and keep supporting the companies we love. Though I will make a joke here and say that the slump in sales of software and hardware are all the people that have Wii buyers’ regret.

If you want to see more stats that make this post seem cheery, hit this link for the straight dope from GI.

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