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Is James Franco Our New Kaneda?

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All hopes for the live action version of Akira and that should include whatever hopes that I had at all for a real life version of an anime, have pretty much been thrown right out of the window.

I’m not a geekster who thinks that you can’t make decent movies based on anime, the Cashern movie was awesome, as was many of the others that have come out of Japan…but when American companies get a hold of these beloved movies, we’re left with steaming piles of poo. Do I need to mention DragonBall or Fist of the North Star’s live action releases? You know what…I do.

So when we get news that the live-action version of the beloved manga and anime series will be getting a location change…we have reason for pause. Yes, they’re moving the movie from Neo-Tokyo to Neo-New York. At least they’re trying to get some quality people on board with the project and that’s why James Franco is rumored to be the Americanized version of Kaneda (probably with a name change as well).

I don’t know about you guys, but this is good news laced with bad, it’s a Pyhrric victory of sorts. We get a good actor in exchange for the plot…no sale for me at this point. It’ll have to really wow me to have me change my mind.


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