Ryan Thomason

Is Everyone Trying to Cash in On “It’s So Bad, it’s Good” Movies?

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So, you have a horror movie with giant bugs, Y2k hysteria, and white trash breeding programs. This sounds great! Hello there, The Millennium Bug, it’s nice to meet you. Here is the official synopsis:

It’s December 31st, 1999, and the world anxiously awaits the year 2000. Hoping to escape the Y2K computer glitch known as the “millennium bug”, Byron Haskin takes his new wife and teenage daughter camping in the isolated Sierra Diablos mountains. But madness finds them in the form of the Crawford clan, a family of in-bred hillbillies who abduct the Haskins in order to refresh their stagnant gene pool. As the Haskins fight for their lives, death and bloody carnage ensue, but neither they nor the Crawfords are aware of the monstrous horror hibernating beneath the forest floor. Unseen for 1,000 years, this millennium bug is hungry… and December 31st just happens to be its birthday.

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