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Irvin Kershner is Dead

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I hate being the guy who has nothing but bad news, but dammit, the geek world has lost another shining light this past weekend. The director of multiple IPs that are near and dear to many geeks has passed on. That’s right, not only have we lost Nielsen, but now we have to suffer in a world where Lucas isn’t bound to the Earth by his mentor, Irvin Kershner.

Lucas and Kershner went way back, he studied under Kershner at USC and was even on the panel for the film festival that gave recognition to Lucas’s short THX. Everyone that works on this website are firm believers that the best of the 3 original movies in the Star Wars universe was The Empire Strikes Back…and strangely enough the one also directed by Mr. Kershner.

Irvin has passed at the age of 87 in Los Angeles after a long fought battle with illness. The last movie that Mr. Kershner directed was Robocop 2, however he kept working as an actor and director. He was a director multiple episodes of the TV series Seaquest DSV, which did remarkably well for the time.

While I’m not a huge fan of Robocop 2, all can be forgiven for him directing Empire…allowing the bad guy to win, and keeping Han’s ad-libbed line following Leia’s “I love you”. You will be missed Irvin.

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