Irredeemable #16

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After last issue’s big battle, Irredeemable #16 takes quite a turn.  This issue of Irredeemable is a series of vignettes.  Mostly quiet moments, though a couple are violent,  in the lives of the characters.

This is my favorite issue of Irredeemable lately.

These vignettes showcase Mark Waid’s ability to do real characterization.  He has created some real, identifiable characters  in Irredeemable, even if it at first glance they seem to follow a standard super-hero blueprint.

In addition, these vignettes move the story forward nicely–as much as last issues huge battle did.

Of course, I should mention that Peter Krause has done another stand up job on the art on this issue.

Also, two of the three covers showcase important moments in the story, maybe the two most important moments.  I do not know what the third cover is… (why does BOOM! do so many variant covers still?)

Bottom Line $3.99/$3.99

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