Irredeemable #15

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I said earlier that Incorruptible had moved past Irredeemable on my scale of favorites.  My issues with Irredeemable include the sprawling plot and the many characters.  However, these are not, inherently bad things.  This is still a good comic.

I am wondering if I should just have kept reading it in trade paperback format so that I could keep the larger picture in my head in one sitting.  Going month to month has been hard on me.  I still do it though, because this is a good comic.

I wonder what Mark Waid has in store for us next.  The fighting has gotten serious without an end in sight while more issues are arising.  These issues seem to be more standard comic book fare:  What is Kaidon’s real goal?  What happens when to titans actually go toe-to-toe.  These do not bother me; after all, this is a comic book.  Mr. Waid is the man who made me love the Flash–Wally, not Barry.  One area of interest that has piqued my interest seems to be a standard comic book trope that Mr. Waid is exploring subtly and expertly and in depth in a way that I have never seen before:  What happens when a super-team cannot trust each other but has to? Yes, it has been done before, but not like this.

My only problem is remembering everything from month to month… Yes, I will still be waiting for issue 16 in August when it comes out.

Bottom Line:  $3.99/$3.99

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