Ryan Thomason

Iron Man 3, I am Entertained. A Movie Review of Sorts.

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Iron Man 3 is going to make buckets of money regardless of what I have to say. I’ll say it all anyways.

I don’t ask for much in a movie. I simply want to park my butt in a seat within a large room full of people and be entertained.


Man, Iron Man 3 delivered.

So many great lines, so many little quirky bits that had the crowd laughing. Tony Stark is the guy that everyone in the audience loves because he’s just that much of a smug, charming bastard. The digital effects are simply amazing. The nearly 30 seconds of a solid block of names in the rolling credits proved that, yes. A small army of people can make digital effects blow your mind.

The screening I saw was in 3D, which to be honest is “ok” to a point. I’m not on the 3D bandwagon, my vision is terrible enough as it is, I miss out on whatever the 3D effect is in the most part. I’m the sort that would recommend saving yourself a couple of bucks and just seeing the normal screenings. Nothing was added value for me in the 3D for this one.

While I loved a good 90% of the movie, it’s the 10% that’s been bugging me. That mostly has to do with how Marvel, in their attempt to tie in so many movie franchises within their universe bring me to the problem of tying everything in. Iron Man 3 is a self contained film. In that, whatever happens is for Tony Stark and the Iron Man crew to deal with. No help from Captain America, S.H.I.E.L.D., Thor, Hulk, any of the Avengers. Nobody but himself, even though the whole world is falling apart, everyone else is on vacation and just leaving it up to Iron Man to fix it all? Maybe I’m just being picking, but Avengers set the bar up there, it tied in the movie franchises and I have a hard time loosening that knot.

With that, The Mandarin is a classic villain, and man, I loved the twist when it starts to kick in and The Mandarin unfolds. Man do I love that twist.

Here’s the deal. Did you love Iron Man 1 and 2? Great. You’re going to love this movie. Are you hoping for more of a Avengers tie in story wise? You’ll be disappointed aside from a couple of references. The little friend that Tony befriends is a great moment, especially when they have to part ways. Despite their “connection” (teehee inside joke if you saw the movie). This is a fun movie, it’s going to make Marvel/Disney enough money to fund whatever the hell they want for all eternity. Watch it, Enjoy it, and remember one big thing. Share your movie snacks with your buddies. (Thanks for the Popcorn, Xopher.)


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