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Iron Girl Gets US Release Date

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Switchblade Pictures just announced today that Iron Girl is on its way to the United States in January 2014.

iron girl

I’ve got a trailer for the movie included below, but until then I’ll let the press release speak for itself:

HOUSTON, September 17, 2013 — As superhero films based on American comics sweep over the world, Switchblade Pictures returns the favor with Japan’s typically unique perspective on the concept: IRON GIRL! Based on the longstanding Japanese science fiction and anime philosophy that a few extra artificial enhancements can only make a super heroine even more attractive, IRON GIRL launches AV model, actress and ultimate hardbody Kirara Asuka (ULTRAMAN GINGA) into Power Ranger style combat against hordes of ruthless bandits terrorizing a mysterious post-apocalyptic world. Adding extra feminine firepower to the mix is KAMEN RIDER franchise star (and METAL GEAR SOLID 3 poster girl) Rina Akiyama, who joins in the girls gone wild in the wastelands action, while complimentary eye candy for the ladies is provided by Yasuhisa Furuhara (PIRATE SQUADRON GOKAIGER, ENGINE SQUADRON GO-ONGER.) Featuring fight choreography provided by stunt world legend Takanori Shibahara (DYNAMAN, the SPACE SHARIFF series, JUSPION, FLOWER & SNAKE,) the 92 minute film was directed by Masatoshi Yagamine from a screenplay by Yagamine and Yoshiyuki Ishizuka.

In a distant land and an unknown time, a small village is under siege, terrorized by the brutal reign of the bandits known as the Crazy Dogs. However, the legends of the village speak of an Iron Clad Savior, one who shall come to the aid of the people and liberate them from the forces of evil and oppression. So when brave young Anne is miraculously rescued from a vicious bandit attack by a superhumanly strong heroine in shining armor, she becomes convinced that this mysterious fighter must be the figure from the prophecy. However, the woman known only as Iron Girl has been cursed with amnesia, and not even she knows whether she can actually defeat the Crazy Dogs. Not that the Dogs are about to let any potential threat to their power stay alive. Prepare for a battle royale as a full frontal assault of female fury tears into the dogs of war in IRON GIRL!

IRON GIRL will be released on DVD in Japanese with English subtitles beginning in January 2014.

I’m actually pretty intrigued by this since I’m a big fan of Tokusatsu movies and series. I’ve never heard of this company, but we’re on it at WPR and will be seeing if they plan on sending out review copies of this in the future.

Like I promised, here’s your trailer:

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