Alan Smithee

Is The iPod Done?

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IPod family

Being an early adopter of one of the first iPods it pains me to see that Apple might be leaving the iPod in the dust as tech users migrate to the iPad and iPhone platform. For me, there will always be a place for each of version of iPod that I bought in the past. Christ, I remember when iPod Video came out and how I couldn’t dump my non-video one quick enough to throw money at the scratch prone device.

Ah the good old days…

Anyways, it’s no secret that Apple has been planning on cannibalizing their iPod market share with their own devices, heck Steve Jobs even jokingly called the iPhone “The best iPod we’ve ever made.” With the constant need for people to be connected constantly to the Internet either for streaming music it was only a matter of time before the iPod fell by the wayside.

The iPod’s decline has been steady over the past 4-5 years but with an already high 70% market share of MP3 players, a few million devices here and there, you are declining but still turning one hell of a profit. It is telling that the company hasn’t released an update of the iPod this last time around but you can never bet against Apple when it comes to refreshing their products, just give them time and I’m sure we’ll see a new one.

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